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Multi4 - a new surgical instrument for diagnosis and treatment of bladder cancer within cystoscopy


Funding period
SEK 500 K
USD 56 K
Funding amount
The overall objective of this 6-month Phase 1 project is to evolve the prototype of MULTI4, the new reliable cystoscopy instrument combining multiple improved functions.
Our innovative system covers each stage of the cystoscopy procedure, starting from levelling tissue by special injection canula, providing local anaesthesia, offering a possibility to collect multiple samples of bladder cancer tissue without any damage of the sample. This prevents from resettling on the other part of bladder, which constitutes an important risk with state-of-the-art procedures. The next step is fully controlled automatic sample aspiration and storage system with transparent container and separate chambers for each sample.
Our product is a game changer in terms of time and cost. Due to quick and safe procedure we can lower the cost of personnel and infrastructure. Only those few features can solve the problem of crowded hospitals and save more lives due to quick and effective diagnostics and new cure possibility. Our product is the missing link that will bring effective, fast (15-45 minutes instead of days) and patient-friendly bladder cancer diagnosis, setting the new standard for this method.
The MULTI4 is developed as a result of many years of clinical experience and R&D in mechanical engineering and physiology. This combination has laid the foundation for high performance of a solution that clearly outpaces all current products in terms of reliability, functionality, cost and user-friendliness. This generates unique benefits to individual patients, doctors, as well as to healthcare system as a whole.

USD 36.9 M
Aggregated funding amount
USD 970 K
Average funding amount
Project list item
Ultrasound-based diagnostic and monitoring of bladder cancer treatment with drug released from nanoparticles

National Cancer Institute to JOE ASSOULINE, YI LUO

USD 350,240
2018 - 2020
Project list item
Novel Biomarkers for the Clinical Management of Bladder Cancer

National Cancer Institute to VINATA B LOKESHWAR

USD 466,211
2018 - 2023
Project list item
Intra-operative MRI-guided Robotic System for Photothermal Therapy of Bladder Cancer

University Grants Committee to Kwok Ka Wai, Wong Kenneth Kin Yip, Vardhanabhuti Varut Vince, TEOH Yuen Chun Jeremy

USD 80,682
2018 - 2021
Project list item
Transurethral En Bloc Versus Standard Resection of Bladder Tumour: A Multi-centre Randomised Controlled Trial (EB-StaR study).

University Grants Committee to TEOH Yuen Chun Jeremy

USD 75,274
2018 - 2020
Project list item
Non invasive Cell Based Liquid Biopsy Platform for Bladder Cancer

European Commission

USD 4,291,985
2017 - 2020
Project list item
Improved detection of bladder cancer recurrence using a biophysical biomarker

National Cancer Institute to MICHAEL D HENRY

USD 299,860
2017 - 2019
Project list item
Translation of a Clinical Molecular Diagnostic Assay for Bladder Cancer

National Cancer Institute to STEVE GOODISON

USD 1,238,725
2017 - 2022
Project list item
Development of Novel Noninvasive Tests for Prognostic Predictions for Bladder Cancer

Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs to Vinata B Lokeshwar

USD 608,000
2016 - 2017
Project list item
Volatile OrganIc compounDs in Bladder Cancer (VOID Bladder Cancer)

Cancer Research UK to Probert

2016 - 2018
Project list item
Non-invasive genomic profiling of bladder cancer using urinary cfDNA

Innovate UK to Richard Palmer

USD 201,276
2016 - 2016
Project list item
Visible Light-Controlled Combination Strategy for Treating Nonmuscle Invasive Bladder Cancers

Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs to Youngjae You

USD 592,000
2015 - 2016
Project list item
Synergistic Immuno-Photo-Nanotherapy for Bladder Cancer

Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs to Brant A. Inman

USD 624,398
2015 - 2016
Project list item
Development of the UroMark assay. A non-invasive test for the detection of bladder cancer in urinary sediment cells

Medical Research Council to John Kelly, Martin Anyim, Norman R Williams, Chris Brew-Graves, Stephan Beck, Andrew Feber

USD 2,167,155
2015 - 2019
Project list item
bLadder cAncer URine cEll aNalysis

European Commission

USD 3,534,487
2015 - 2018
Project list item
UROthelial carcinoma Biomarker based diagnostic tEST

European Commission

USD 55,489
2015 - 2015
Project list item
Early Detection of Bladder Cancer Using a Waveguide Array Biosensor

National Cancer Institute to SHELLY MECHERY

USD 149,999
2014 - 2015
Project list item
Bladder transitional cell carcinoma: a study of pos-transcriptional modifications and RNA binding proteins

São Paulo Research Foundation to Daisy Maria Favero Salvadori

2014 - 2017
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