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SPORE in Bladder Cancer

Funder: National Cancer Institute

Funding period
USD 2.3 M
Funding amount
Project Summary/Abstract There is palpable excitement in the oncology community that we are on the cusp of a major advance in how we treat bladder (urothelial) cancer. Recent efforts to comprehensively define the landscape of genetic alterations in urothelial cancer and to understand their impact on drug sensitivity, as well as the exciting early results with immune targeting strategies suggest that prospective molecular profiling of blood and tumor tissue could improve the outcomes of urothelial cancer patients by personalizing care. This MSK SPORE in Bladder Cancer seeks to leverage recently initiated multicenter efforts to explore the molecular basis of inherited genetic susceptibility, exploit prospective molecular characterization to guide treatment, and to test the efficacy of immunotherapy-based combination approaches. The overall translational aims of the MSK SPORE in Bladder Cancer are to 1) develop predictive biomarkers of response and resistance to immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and investigational treatments; 2) identify germline genetic alterations that confer increased risk for the development of urothelial cancer; and 3) identify mechanisms of immunotherapy resistance and develop combinatorial strategies to enhance immunotherapy response in patients with urothelial cancer. To pursue these aims, we have assembled a multidisciplinary team with complementary expertise in the clinical management of urothelial cancer, inheritable risk, mycobacterial and cancer biology, cancer genetics, molecular pathology, biostatistics, computational biology, and multiplatform data integration. The translational aims of this SPORE will be pursued through four projects, each of which addresses a different clinical state in the evolution of the disease. Project 1 will use prospective molecular characterization to determine, in the context of a cooperative group trial, whether transurethral resection and chemotherapy, without the need for cystectomy, is curative in patients with DNA damage response gene alterations and to identify novel biomarkers of chemotherapy sensitivity. Project 2 will identify and functionally characterize novel germline variants that confer increased inherited susceptibility. Project 3 will seek to identify and validate tumor- and blood-based predictive biomarkers of response to systemic immune checkpoint blockade in patients with metastatic urothelial cancer in the context of a randomized, multicenter trial. Project 4 will seek to identify predictive biomarkers of Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) response and BCG strains with greater activity as a prelude to future clinical trials. Each of these projects will be supported by the Biospecimen Repository and the Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Core, which will assist with the preparation and analysis of human tissues and genomic, immune, and clinical data, and an Administrative Core will ensure project integration. Finally, developmental research projects and career mentorship are fully integrated into the SPORE to ensure that a future generation of researchers is prepared to further advance our long-term objectives of enhancing therapy, reducing the morbidity of treatments, and ultimately eliminating this disease as a cause of premature death.

USD 281.9 M
Aggregated funding amount
USD 682 K
Average funding amount
Project list item
Recombinant CCL2 as a novel treatment strategy for bladder cancer

Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network to Neelam Mukherjee, Robert Scott Svatek

USD 50,000
2019 - 2020
Project list item
Targeting FGF in Bladder cancer after Neoadjuvant Immunotherapy and Surgery

American Association For Cancer Research to Joshua James Meeks

USD 25,000
2019 - 2020
Project list item
Biomarker-Based Tools for Treatment Response Decision Support of Bladder Cancer


USD 653,319
2019 - 2024
Project list item
Combatting Bladder Cancer by Inducing Epithelial Turnover

National Cancer Institute to SOMAN N ABRAHAM

USD 203,510
2019 - 2021
Project list item
Chromatin Modifier Gene Mutation and Enhancer Dysfunction in Bladder Cancer

National Cancer Institute to BYRON H LEE

USD 243,205
2019 - 2024
Project list item
Phase 1/2 Study of Modern Immunotherapy in BCG-Relapsing Urothelial Carcinoma of the Bladder - (ADAPT-BLADDER)

National Cancer Institute to NOAH M HAHN

USD 656,816
2019 - 2024
Project list item
Defining the impact of intra-tumoral morphologic, immune and mutational heterogeneity in urothelial carcinoma

National Cancer Institute to HIKMAT AL-AHMADIE

USD 410,835
2019 - 2024
Project list item
The role of a new molecular driver in bladder cancer

National Cancer Institute to DALEY MORERA

USD 45,016
2018 - 2021
Project list item
Identifying DNA Biomarkers of Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) Resistance in Non-Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer

Canadian Institutes of Health Research to Jack Victor Warren Bacon, Alexander William Wyatt

USD 847
2018 - 2019
Project list item
Modulation of regulatory T cells in the bladder tumor environment by anti-PD-L1 immunotherapy

Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network to David Yoonsuk Oh, Lawrence Fong

USD 50,000
2018 - 2019
Project list item
Modeling bladder cancer pathogenesis and tumor evolution


USD 1,765,498
2018 - 2023
Project list item
Elucidating immunotherapy resistance mechanisms in non-T cell-inflamed bladder cancer

National Cancer Institute to RANDY F. SWEIS

USD 212,669
2018 - 2022
Project list item
Novel recombinant BCG for immunotherapy of bladder cancer

National Cancer Institute to BORIS SHOR

USD 290,014
2018 - 2019
Project list item
DT-EGF Toxic Fusion Protein for the Treatment of Bladder Cancer

National Cancer Institute to MIKE GLODE, SHAWN PATRICK ZINNEN

USD 299,937
2018 - 2019
Project list item
Upper tract urothelial carcinoma is non-basal and T-cell depleted

Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network to Panagiotis Vlachostergios

USD 1,700
2018 - 2018
Project list item
Next generation sequencing to enhance initial staging and dynamically monitor disease response in upper tract urothelial carcinoma

Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network to Philip Hilmi Abbosh, Wafik El-Deiry, Elizabeth Plimack

USD 50,000
2018 - 2019
Project list item
Circulating tumor DNA as a predictive biomarker in metastatic bladder cancer

Canadian Institutes of Health Research to Gillian Rae Vandekerkhove, Alexander William Wyatt

USD 53,221
2018 - 2021
Project list item
Challenging dogma: an alternative non-hierarchical, epigenetically regulated model of the urothelium.

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council to Andrew Feber

USD 468,019
2018 - 2021
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