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Subtyping Bladder Cancer: A Multi-omic, Exposure-informed, Genealogical Approach (MErGE)

Funder: National Cancer Institute

Funding period
USD 299 K
Funding amount
Project Summary/Abstract This is an application for a K07 award for Dr. Heidi Hanson, a tenure-line Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Utah. Dr. Hanson is establishing herself as a young investigator in genetic and environmental cancer epidemiology. Her training in sociology, demography, and life course epidemiology, experience with advance quantitative methodologies, and familiarity with the Utah Population Database perfectly poise her innovative work in this field of study. However, she is lacking the necessary training in: 1) cancer biology and pathology; 2) cutting-edge genetic epidemiology pedigree methods; 3) genomic and epigenetic tumor profiling; and 4) managing and implementing successful multidisciplinary team science. This training will allow Dr. Hanson to achieve her goal to launch an independent cancer research program focused on improving precision strategies of cancer screening and treatment methods through gene-environment scientific discoveries. Dr. Hanson has assembled a mentoring team comprising of a primary mentor, Dr. Nicola Camp, a genetic epidemiologist and nationally renowned investigator, and two co-mentors: Dr. Orly Alter, a Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative (USTAR) associate professor of bioengineering and human genetics, and Dr. Ken Smith, an internationally known expert in population-based analyses and genetic/family epidemiology. Dr. Hanson has six advisors and one contributor with expertise in urologic oncology, clinical outcomes in urologic malignancies and health services research, etiology of bladder cancer, epigenetic changes, high risk cancer studies, pathology, and environmental epidemiology. Bladder cancer (BCa) is a heterogeneous disease, with strong support for multiple subtypes, including a basal/squamous-like (BASQ) tumor subtype. However, there is a lack of consensus for the number and characteristics of additional subtypes. BCa risk may be driven by both genetic and environmental risk factors, with different etiologies yielding different subtypes of BCa. In terms of familial clustering, these different etiological factors may exhibit as different multi-cancer configurations across a spectrum of organs (tumor spectrum). Using dimension reduction techniques to perform an integrative multi-omic analysis of BCa expression and methylation combined with information on etiological factors associated with BCa risk can lead to the identification of subtypes of BCa that are epidemiologically and clinically relevant. Dr. Hanson will accomplish this through the following research specific aims: 1) Utilize dimension reduction techniques for integrative analysis of BCa multi-omics data; 2) Determine BCa dimensions associated with environmentally- driven BCa subtypes; 3) Identify BCa dimensions associated with genetically-driven BCa subtypes. This research will prepare Dr. Hanson to design and implement a novel R01 application to further investigate the multi-omic cancer profiles across a spectrum of organs and advance gene-environment research.

USD 30.9 M
Aggregated funding amount
USD 1.4 M
Average funding amount
Project list item
Targeting TAM (Tyro3-Axl-Mer) family of transmembrane receptor tyrosine kinases in bladder cancer.

Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network to Arpita Roy

USD 1,700
2018 - 2018
Project list item
Novel Biomarkers for the Clinical Management of Bladder Cancer

National Cancer Institute to VINATA B LOKESHWAR

USD 902,622
2018 - 2023
Project list item
Identify the DNA Adduct and Associated Metabolic Alterations in Bladder Cancer of Smokers

National Cancer Institute to NAGIREDDY PUTLURI, RANDA A EL-ZEIN

USD 1,202,103
2018 - 2023
Project list item
New Drug and Technology Assessment in Bladder Cancer: Creation of a Novel Canadian Policy Model for Bladder Cancer

Canadian Institutes of Health Research to Murray Dale Krahn, Girish Satish Kulkarni, William Wai Lun Wong, George Andrew Tomlinson, Nathan Perlis, Wassim Kassouf, Peter Colin Black, Shabbir Muhammad Husayn Alibhai

USD 77,161
2018 - 2019
Project list item
Potentiation of Immunotherapy with targeted nanoporphyrin in bladder cancer

United States Department of Veterans Affairs to CHONG-XIAN PAN

2018 - 2022
Project list item
Precision Cotargeting Tumor and Its Microenvironment in Bladder Cancer

Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs to Hungming Lam

USD 706,000
2017 - 2018
Project list item
Delivery of Targeting Nano-Photo-Imiquimod to Enhance Response Rate of Advanced Bladder Cancer to Check Point Blockade Antibody Therapy

Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs to Kit S Lam

USD 4,634,675
2017 - 2018
Project list item
Translation of a Clinical Molecular Diagnostic Assay for Bladder Cancer

National Cancer Institute to STEVE GOODISON

USD 1,823,874
2017 - 2022
Project list item
Racial Disparity in Bladder Cancer and Identification of Altered Metabolism in African American Compare to European Bladder Cancer

National Cancer Institute to NAGIREDDY PUTLURI

USD 1,086,461
2017 - 2022
Project list item
Development of Novel Noninvasive Tests for Prognostic Predictions for Bladder Cancer

Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs to Vinata B Lokeshwar

USD 608,000
2016 - 2017
Project list item
Sh3gl2 and chemosensitivity of bladder cancer

National Cancer Institute to ROSALYN M ADAM

USD 492,035
2016 - 2019
Project list item

National Cancer Institute to CHARLES J ROSSER

USD 2,568,621
2016 - 2021
Project list item
A potential role of aberrant DNA methylation in the chemoresistance in bladder cancer cells

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science to Naoya MASUMORI, 信雄 新海, Naotaka NISHIYAMA, Tetsuya Shindo

USD 41,190
2016 - 2019
Project list item
Regulation of Urinary Bladder Carcinogenesis and Progression by SPARC

National Cancer Institute to NEVEEN SAID

USD 1,726,720
2016 - 2020
Project list item
Gender Difference in Bladder Cancer Susceptibility

National Cancer Institute to XUE SEAN LI

USD 423,201
2015 - 2017
Project list item
Development of a sensitive epigenomic biomarker for urothelial cancer

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science to Hiromu SUZUKI, Naoya MASUMORI

USD 32,060
2015 - 2017
Project list item
Development of molecular assays for non-invasive bladder cancer detection

National Cancer Institute to STEVE GOODISON

USD 2,005,344
2013 - 2017
Project list item
Metabolomics in the prediction of recurrence and progression of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer

Swiss National Science Foundation to Malte Rieken

2013 - 2013
Project list item
Investigation of Mechanism of Action of Steroid Sulfatase in Bladder Cancer

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science to Satoshi TAMADA, Min WEI, MINORU KATO

USD 55,375
2012 - 2015
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