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Intravesical interaction of Salmonella enterica Typhimurium and p -MAPA in bladder cancer non muscle invasive (CBNMI )

Funder: São Paulo Research Foundation

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Due to the high incidence of urinary bladder cancer noninvasive muscle (CBNMI), rises the interest in developing new anti-tumor therapeutic modalities based on the use of live attenuated bacteria and their purified products, highlighting Salmonella enterica typhimurium, which has been assessed due to its excellent safety profile, a large propensity for allocation in tumors and a remarkable ability to synthesize functional cytokines. Another aspect is the study of new therapeutic modalities capable of modulating the immune system through the signaling pathways of toll-like receptors (TLRs). Thus, compounds that are capable of acting as agonists of TLRs represent promising candidates for cancer drugs, in this scenario, the P-MAPA immunomodulator, has great versatility and minimal cytotoxicity revealed by in vivo and in vitro studies, opening new perspective to fight some types of cancers, including CBNMI.The proposal is whether the Salmonella enterica typhimurium can effectively reside in tumors of the urinary bladder in vivo and live with bladder microbiota creating opportunities for direct stimulation of inflammatory responses and changes of energy metabolism in association with P-MAPA immunomodulator offering an option therapy with fewer side effects, better tissue repair and less chance of relapse.
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