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Effect of the Ag3PO4 and Ag3PO4:Au nanomaterials on the viability of urothelial bladder cancer cells

Funder: São Paulo Research Foundation

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The bladder cancer is the second most frequent malignant neoplasm genitourinary tract, and the most common treatment for this is immunotherapy and chemotherapy. However, as long as effective chemotherapy dosis is the highest concentration tolerated by the organism, diverse collateral effects are provoked in the patient, then, it is necessary an urgent search for more effective compounds. In modern medicine, there are great expectations about nanomaterials application because of its diverse properties which allows it may be easily endocytosis by diverse origins cells and that it may be easily accumulated in tumor microenvironment, in order to induce cell death by apoptosis. In addition to this, some nanomaterials present greater cytotoxicity on tumor cells in relation to normal tissues cells. This research project aims to analyze the potential for the use of nanomaterials Ag3PO4 and Ag3PO4:Au for bladder cancer treatment. For that, they will be carried out tests of cell viability of the MB49 E L929 lineage by resazurin test, type of cell death, total production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), in addition to the analysis of enzymatic activity of SOD, Catalase and Glutathione peroxidase. The obtained data will be evaluated statistically using the nonparametric tests of Kruskall-Wallis and Mann-Whitney U after the Bonferroni correction. The values will be considered significants if p<0,05.
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