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Refined phenotyping and personalized targeting of muscle-invasive bladder cancer

Funder: Swiss National Science Foundation

Funding period
CHF 692 K
USD 703 K
Funding amount
Bladder cancer is a lethal disease and half of patients with MIBC will succumb to their disease despite optimal therapy. Molecular subtypes of MIBC provides a framework for the understanding of the biology of this disease and these subtypes show differences in response to systemic treatments (e.g. to cisplatin or novel targeted therapies). We discovered genomic test, that determines the molecular subtype in a single patient tumor. This allows us to select tumors with a specific molecular subtype for further investigation. In this proposal, we aim to characterize patient derived models for the investigation of tumors of specific molecular subtypes. Furthermore, we will determine whether the investigation of the genomic landscape of bladder cancer specimens allow to predict treatment response. This proposal will serve as proof of concept, that molecular profiles allow to determine the molecular phenotype of the subsequent patient derived models and to predict their responsiveness in a personalized manner.
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