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[Clinicopathological and molecular analyses of precursor lesions of urothelial carcinoma]

Original in Japanese: Clinicopathological and molecular analyses of precursor lesions of urothelial carcinoma

Funder: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Funding period
JPY 4.3 M
USD 39 K
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[The purpose of this study is to analyze "flat urinary epithelium showing mild atypia that cannot be judged as cancer", that is, atypical urothelium, hyperplasia or dysplasia, etc. in the surrounding mucosa of urothelial cancer. , Based on the molecular pathological mechanism centered on MTOC (microtubule organizing center) involved in the formation of structural and cellular atypia in malignant tumors, which we clarified in the past studies, the early development of bladder urothelial carcinoma. To analyze the molecular mechanism of genetic abnormalities and formation of cell atypia in. Furthermore, based on molecular pathological mechanisms and genetic abnormalities, we will define histopathological diagnostic criteria for early lesions of urothelial cancer and clarify clinicopathologic features.]
Original in Japanese
本研究の目的は、尿路上皮癌の周囲粘膜における“癌とは判断できない程度の軽度異型を示す平坦状尿路上皮”、すなわち異型尿路上皮、過形成あるいは異形成等を解析の対象とし、我々が過去の研究で明らかにしてきた悪性腫瘍における構造異型や細胞異型の形成に関わるMTOC (microtubule organizing center)を中心とした分子病理学的機構を基に、膀胱尿路上皮癌の初期発生における遺伝子異常や細胞異型の形成の分子機構を解析しする。さらに分子病理学的機構や遺伝子異常を元に、尿路上皮癌の初期病変の病理組織学的診断基準を定義し、臨床病理学的特徴を明らかにする。
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