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[Elucidation of bladder cancer recurrence and progression mechanism focusing on lysophospholipid and establishment of new treatment]

Original in Japanese: Elucidation of bladder cancer recurrence and progression mechanism focusing on lysophospholipid and establishment of new treatment

Funder: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Funding period
JPY 3.9 M
USD 36 K
Funding amount
[Urothelial cancer frequently occurs temporally and spatially, and high recurrence rate and progress rate are important problems. In recent years, research on physiologically active substances involved in cell movement and migration has been drawing attention. Attention has been focused on the effects of lysophosphatidic acid (LPA), a lysophospholipid, which is a constituent of the cell membrane lipid bilayer, on cell proliferation / migration, cancer invasion, and angiogenesis. It is currently attracting attention as a biomarker for various diseases. We have been studying the role of LPA receptor 1 (LPA1) in bladder cancer. In this study, we aim to develop new therapeutic agents by evolving in vitro research results into in vivo research, elucidating recurrence and invasion mechanism of urothelial cancer.]
Original in Japanese
尿路上皮癌は時間的、空間的に多発し、高い再発率、進展率が重大な問題である。近年、細胞の運動、遊走に関与する生理活性物質の研究が注目されている。細胞膜脂質二重層の構成物質であるリゾリン脂質の一つリゾフォスファチジン酸(LPA)の細胞増殖・遊走、がん浸潤、血管新生などへの作用が注目されている。様々な疾患のバイオマーカーとして注目されているところである。私たちはこれまでに、膀胱癌におけるLPA受容体1(LPA1)の役割に注目し研究を行ってきた。今回の研究ではこれまでのin vitroでの研究成果をin vivoでの研究に発展させ、尿路上皮癌の再発、浸潤メカニズムを解明し、新規治療薬の開発を目指す。
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