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Non invasive Cell Based Liquid Biopsy Platform for Bladder Cancer

Funder: European Commission

Funding period
EUR 3.7 M
USD 4.2 M
Funding amount
OneRNA4Bladder aims to save lives and reduce cost of care for bladder cancer treatment – the most expensive type of cancer to treat due to expensive diagnostic procedures and ineffective drugs leading to a recurrence rate of 70%. Implementing the OneRNA4Bladder system for bladder cancer recurrence detection could cut the cost of managing bladder cancer in half, resulting in savings of more than €800 million/year in Europe

The key project technology is a patented Urine Cancer Cell Filtration Device (UCCFD) that enables the selection of tumor cells from a simple urine sample. The UCCFD was developed and validated in a small prospective clinical study by the Danish Cancer Society and in-licensed by Genomic Expression Aps (GEx). In OneRNA4Bladder, GEx aims at the clinical validation of the UCCFD – in combination with DNA biomarkers – for the detection of bladder cancer recurrence. Furthermore, the UCCFD can – in combination with GEx’s proprietary OneRNA™ platform, which links RNA's to drugs that can provide a more effective treatment – be applied as a liquid biopsy platform to monitor the disease response to treatment without invasive biopsies or cystoscopies. In OneRNA4Bladder, we will also clinically validate the UCCFD technology together with OneRNA™ as a liquid biopsy platform.

OneRNA4Bladder is an opportunity for GEx to enter the world-wide bladder cancer diagnostic market. The accomplishment of the project objectives will represent a significant business opportunity for the SME, with expected sales of over €165 million within 5 years of launch.
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