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Elucidation of novel carcinogenesis / development pathway of bladder cancer by using metabolism-related omics analysis

Funder: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Funding period
JPY 5.1 M
USD 45 K
Funding amount
It was confirmed that expression of PGAM1 was elevated in the order of normal urothelial cell line, noninvasive bladder cancer cell line, invasive bladder cancer cell line. In addition, analysis by public databases also confirmed an increase in expression of PGAM1 in bladder cancer specimens. However, in the analysis of tissue micriarrays of human clinical specimens, there was no correlation between the degree of invasion and the staining level of PGAM1.Subsequently, when expression of PGAM1 was suppressed using shRNA, no change was observed in invasive and migratory ability, but the proliferative ability was decreased. In addition, when BBN was administered to wild type and PGAM 1 transgenic mice for 10 weeks, the PGAM 1 transgenic mouse group had a significantly higher carcinogenic rate.
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