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Investigation of Mechanism of Action of Steroid Sulfatase in Bladder Cancer

Funder: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Funding period
JPY 5.3 M
USD 55 K
Funding amount
we found out that steroid sulfatase (STS), an enzyme involved in androgen synthesis, is an important factor of invasion and prognosis of bladder cancer (BCa) patients. First, we demonstrated that the expression level of STS was significantly higher in muscle invasive BCa compared to non muscle-invasive BCa and the prognosis of STS positive Bca is significantly worse than that of STS negative BCa. Sedond, STS-knock down BCa cells showed less migration and invasion capability. Lastly, we showed that STS is relevant to epithelial to mesenchymal factors such as vimentin and ZEB1.In conclusion, we showed the possibility that STS is a novel target of BCa treatment.
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